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If you were to meet me, you probably wouldn’t think that I love shoes.  After all, I typically wear sneakers but I actually do love shoes and wish that there were more I could wear.  Here’s a hint fashion industry – not everyone can wear heels and high, narrow wedges.  Those of us who can’t would love some awesome flats or low wedge shoes.

That said, I went to Payless a few weeks ago with my mum.  She was looking for a pair of slip on shoes that she could wear to doctor’s appointments and just out with family.  While there, I happened to wander down the isle of shoes in my size.  While there wasn’t a huge selection of non-heeled or narrow wedge shoes, they did have some beautiful, fun shoes.  What’s more, they were reasonably priced.  But what really sold me on Payless was the overall helpfulness of the staff working there.  Not only did they help my mum find a pair of shoes she could wear; and they were actually the cheapest pair they had – not the most expensive; but they helped me as well.

I love plaid.  Don’t know why but plaid is just awesome.  And this summer, plaid slip-on’s seem to be in.  I love them and was looking at a pair.  Not the pair I really wanted but they didn’t have my size so I was looking at other colors.  Not only did the woman tell me the color wouldn’t look good on me but she called around to different stores to find the ones I liked that would and asked if they could hold them.  She then explained about the two different type of coupons I could use and asked if there was anything else I needed help with.   All in all an awesome experience.

Going to try them again this weekend when I look for a pair of dress shoes.

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